Natural bodybuilder and CEO of Polokus, Brandon Fandel, holding Primal Instinct Pre-Workout

Primal Instinct

Primal Instinct Pre-Workout is the best hardcore pre-workout supplement on the market. For bodybuilders, extreme sports athletes, and high-energy performers, Primal Instinct is what you need to take your performance to the next level.


“The focus and pump I got was absolutely ridiculous.”

Collin Hall

"No BS, this product does what it says it will do."

Chris Lauffer

“Primal Instinct helped me push past my limits without the jitters and without a crash.”

Asa Ott

“Primal Instinct gives enough kick for a good workout but doesn’t overdo it in regards to feeling jittery.”

Alex Martin

“Gives me the perfect edge to push my limit in whatever training I’m doing. No chance I would ever use another pre workout after using Polokus.”

Joe Leo