Primal Instinct Pre-Workout

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Primal Instinct is the ultimate, all-in-one pre-workout if you’re looking for the best pump, focus, and energy in the gym. Full label disclosure and efficaciously dosed, highly effective ingredients designed to help you become a “creature” when you need to.


creature [kree-cher]: an animal, especially a nonhuman.



  • Boosted energy
  • Dialed-in focus
  • Insane pumps
  • Absolute aggression


How to use Primal Instinct Pre-Workout:

Take one (1) scoop with 8-12 fl oz of water roughly 30 minutes before needing to turn into a “CREATURE.” New users may wish to assess tolerance by taking ½ scoop. DO NOT exceed more than one (1) scoop within a 24-hour period.


Ingredients Breakdown


    For Energy and Focus:

    • L-Taurine – 1g
    • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine - 1g
    • Choline – 735mg
    • Caffeine – 250mg
    • L-Theanine – 200mg


    For Pump:

    • Citrulline Malate – 6g (4g of pure L-Citrulline)
    • Beet Root Extract – 450mg


    For Aggression:

    • Beta Alanine – 3.2g
    • Betaine – 2g


    For Hydration & Health:

    • Coconut Water Powder – 1g
    • Pineapple Powder – 250mg
    • Vitamin B3 – 25mg
    • Vitamin B6 – 50mcg
    • Vitamin B12 – 450mcg