Why High Stimulant Pre-Workouts are Ruining Your Workouts

Why High Stimulant Pre-Workouts are Ruining Your Workouts


Many popular pre-workouts have very high doses of stimulants now. It’s become sort of a selling point to be “the strongest” or the “most intense”.


Often times we think of “high stimulant” as just being a higher dose of caffeine, but many people don’t realize that there are many other stimulants hidden in these pre-workouts as well, like yohimbine and theobromine. In smaller doses, these stimulants can be great for boosting energy and performance, but pre-workouts can sometimes have upwards of 400mg of caffeine and have other added stimulants. This can cause problems with sleep, recovery, and actually inhibit your workouts.


There are also banned substances that are still used in many pre-workouts considered to be dangerous by the FDA such as DMAA, DMHA, DMAE, and many more. Products containing these substances are not legal to sell for human consumption and often have to be labeled for “research purposes only”.


High stimulant pre-workouts can certainly provide great energy, but often act as vasoconstrictors - which means it reduces blood flow. This is not optimal for training, and prevents you from getting a good pump during your workout.


High stimulant pre-workouts, especially for people who are more caffeine sensitive, can actually make you sick. This is also counterproductive when beginning a training session and will inhibit your performance.


For those of you who like the feeling of high stimulant pre workouts, don’t worry - you can still get that intense boost of energy (and the tingles and itchy skin) without sacrificing your pumps and performance due to lack of blood flow.


Primal Instinct feels like a high stimulant pre-workout without actually being high stimulant.


Primal Instinct has an effective dose of caffeine, but doesn’t overdo it. There aren’t any hidden stimulants in Primal Instinct and it has no more caffeine than there is in your average cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop.


Primal Instinct also includes L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that in combination with caffeine, acts as a nootropic. This helps to mellow out the caffeine rush but also helps with focus and brain function.


Primal Instinct also includes a hefty dose of niacin (Vitamin B3), which is not only essential for performance and energy, but is what helps give you the itchy/tingly skin. This is what people typically attribute to the pre-workout “working”. This is not true, but it does feel pretty awesome.


You won’t just feel more energized in the gym, your workouts will be more productive than ever.


Primal Instinct has effective doses of high-quality ingredients that have been scientifically proven to enhance athletic performance, increase focus, and bring absolute aggression to your workouts.*


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