Don't Fall For Bad Marketing

Don't Fall For Bad Marketing

A word of caution for those of you shopping for pre-workout supplements.


If you look at a product and it says that it has “30 servings” on the front of the container and then you look at the supplement facts panel and it says use 1 scoop for a “mild serving” or use 2 scoops for a “more intense serving” or something similar to this, 100% of the time – that product is not worth your money.


Let’s just assume that there is an effective dose of whatever active ingredients are in the product (usually not the case, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for this example), it would be for 2 scoops, not 1. So, if you take “1 serving” you’re only getting half the effective dose of those ingredients. If you take the full serving of 2 scoops (or a double/more intense serving), you’ve now just cut the servings per container in half.


The reason that companies do this is to trick you into thinking that it’s less money for more servings – to get you to buy it. Then, once you realize that 1 scoop isn’t enough, you run out of your product in half the time (because you’re double scooping), so you buy it twice as much.


This is incredibly wrong and deceitful marketing, and you will never see Polokus do this. Not only is it deceptive, but it’s actually psychologically toxic – it puts consumers in the mindset that they need to double-scoop pre-workouts to be “hardcore” or to “get enough.” Because of this, when someone used to this type of a product encounters a quality product, dosed to 1 scoop, they often will take too much and either get sick, or too jittery, or have some other adverse effects.


Primal Instinct Pre-Workout has 25 servings per container. 25 servings, 25 scoops – same thing, no BS. Every scoop is dosed to give you everything you need to train like a creature.