Beet Root Extract (Beta Vulgaris) In Your Pre-Workout?

Beet Root Extract (Beta Vulgaris) In Your Pre-Workout?

Beets, yes - the funny red root Dwight Schrute farms, are a natural vasodilator.


What does this mean exactly? And why is it in your pre-workout supplement?


Beets are root vegetables, they are grown in soil and as they grow and develop, they absorb nutrients from the soil, which are then transferred to us as we consume them. In this case, we’re mostly going to focus on the nitrates. Nitrates are naturally occurring compounds that, when consumed by humans, boost nitric oxide levels within the bloodstream. This relaxes the blood vessels and allows them to open up and allow blood to flow more freely throughout the body.


So, why do we want more blood flow? Simply put, blood helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and when you can get more blood to your muscles quicker – good things happen. Endurance and stamina increase as well as power and over-all performance.


This also helps give you a good “pump.” Meaning when you are weight training, particularly with higher volume, your muscles will swell – this is a desirable feeling and is thought by many exercise scientists to aid in inducing muscle hypertrophy.


Taking beetroot regularly has been shown in clinical studies to lower blood pressure, help with inflammation, and enhance athletic performance.

That’s why you’ll find a healthy dose of beet root extract in every serving of Polokus Primal Instinct Pre-Workout, to help you maximize your training and be a healthier, better you!





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